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King of Pop, Prince of Interior Design?

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Billy Baldwin, the famous interior designer, once said something that I think applies well to Michael Jackson: "I don't think anyone has a right to possess anything he doesn't love -- art or anything else." Michael Jackson's prodigious spending appetite certainly seems to have been driven by a passion and love for everything he bought. His eclectic collections of art, fine furniture, museum pieces like the Elephant Man skeleton, folk art, and children's games and toys reflects a complicated personality. We see both elegance and sophistication blending with child-like innocence and wonderment, an unusual combination but one that seemed fueled by a desire to create an environment that the singer/entertainer could feel comfortable in and treat as a personal sanctuary. I remember a TV interviewer being led by Mr. Jackson to a Las Vegas furnishings store, picking out practically everything in the store, from oil paintings of Apollo to marble and gold urns (the latter costing over $250,000 apiece, and he bought many).

Jackson's desire to decorate is as much a passionate appetite as was his performing. A recent case in point was his reportedly deposited one million pounds to rent a 28-bedroom home in London (see photo below) to live during his eight-month stay and string of concerts at the O2 Arena. He chose the posh Foxbury Manor in southeast London, and it boasted nearly 30 bedrooms, an underground theater, a swimming pool, and a private lake and wood........

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