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yayoi kusama limited edition mobile phones

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'dots obsession, full happiness with dots'
image courtesy of iida

based on the idea of a mobile phone as art, KDII brand iida has collaborated with
japanese artist yayoi kusama to produce three limited edition mobile phone models:
'dots obsession, full happiness with dots', 'my doggie ring-ring' and 'hand bag for space travel'.

'dots obsession, full happiness with dots' is a recreation of kusama's 'infinity mirror room-phalli's field
(or floor show)'. it is a mysterious box covered with white dots on a red background with a
maze scope extending from a side wall of the box. peering inside, the world of dots -
kusama's signature motif - expands infinitely. the mirror inside the box multiplies the dots,
overwhelming you as you peer inside, creating the sensation that you might not know where
you are anymore. as you open the box, you find a mobile phone buried amongst the dots.
only 100 are available.

'dots obsession, full happiness with dots' consists of a box with a mirrored interior surrounded by white dots
image courtesy of iida

kusama peering into the mirrored box
image courtesy of iida

'hand bag for space travel'
image courtesy of iida

'hand bag for space travel' leads whoever has it into a new world.
the hand bag is the mobile, and flips out. it comes in a limited edition of 1000.

each of the phones have the product's name and limited edition number on the hand-set
image courtesy of iida

'my doggie ring-ring' comes in a limited edition of 100
image courtesy of iida

drawing on the 2004 artwork 'hi, konnichiwa (hello!), my doggie ring-ring is an artwork
of a dog wrapped in happy colors and vivid dots. as you open the lid on the back of the dog,
you will find a mobile phone decorated with the same pattern that ring-ring wears.

the mobile is camouflaged into the back of ring-ring

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