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Elegant Leather Beds from Poltrona Frau

Kategori: Bedroom

Elle melle deg fortelle......
Utolig flotte!!

Well known and seasoned designers added some really elegant leather
beds to the new collection from Poltrona Frau this year.
Patrick Norguet, Roberto Lazzeroni, and Jean-Marie Massaud
put the final touches on an already outstanding bedding
collection that follows the minimal and clean lines concept.
Each bed features a distinctly unique pattern to keep you visually compelled.
The Bluemoon by Lazzeroni features large diamond shaped tufts that offer a
rich appearance, the Flavia by
Norguet features vertical lines that compliment the straight overall shape
of the framing, and the X stitching of
Massaud's Jack works well with its bold square corners. See the entire
collection of bedroom furniture as well as the entire new
collection from Poltrona Frau here.



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