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Lipla Bed från Porro

Kategori: Bedroom

You may think there isn’t much you can do to distinguish beds from each other. Well, one look at the Lipla bed and you will start to see the possibilities. With the change of the color, the bed can go from a masculine feel to a luxurious feminine retreat. The modern double bed emits an aire of sensuality, almost welcoming you to relax in it.

The queen sized mattress rests upon an upholstered frame and headboard. The bed has an optional wooden support surface, located below the headboard, that consists of the bedside tables. When creating your dream bed you have the option of natural wood or a large selection of polished lacquers. The fabrics are also customizable with an array of colors to match the shades of the headboard unit. The base is only available in the shown color. Designed by Jean Marie Massaud, this is an exquisitely made bed fit for any modern tastes. Learn more at Porro.

Bilder & text från HDF.

Pris från 29000 SEK.

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